[solved] Material with emissive color look different on Mobile (Android)

Basically I have a similar issue as this one : https://answers.unrealengine.com/que…ed-in-416.html, but the solution didn’t worked for me.

I am using UE 4.22.

I have a Material with an emissive color, I multiplied the color “red” with a constant and connected the result to the emissive node,


  • On PC, it looks exactly like I wanted : Since I multiplied the color “red” with a constant it looks orange.
  • On Android, it stays red, also the contrast is lower.

Mobile HDR is enabled, I have also enabled “r.Mobile.TonemapperFilm” in the console and in the DefaultEngine.ini file (<project name>/Config).

In my level I only have a light source and a PlayerStart.

Did I forget to enable/disable a setting?


I solved the issue by updating the engine version to UE 4.25.

I don’t know what caused this issue, but it works now.