SOLVED - Launcher cannot be started anymore since newest version

EDIT: The problem has been solved by chosing the integrated Intel graphic chip to use for the Launcher, instead of the Nvidia card. Appearently there is a problem with the latest Nvidia driver that is causing the Launcher to not start properly.

Thanks to VictorLerp for his helpful suggestion. :slight_smile:

I just reinstalled windows 10 (64bit) and downloaded the latest version of the Launcher. Now, after installing, whenever I try to start the launcher it just “flickers” as if the launcher is starting and closing every second.
It’s running in the taskmanager but only in the background tasks. After a while it asks me to install the prerequisites, but just goes back into flickering mode when I click the ok / install button.

This has never happened before, and I just used the Launcher before the fresh windows install this morning, so it can’t be anything on my system side.

It’s a huge problem because I can’t install unreal engine and our teams whole development has to stop because of this… :frowning:

I can’t attach the logs because I am not allowed to upload .txt files (why?) and the log is too long to paste it into the comment section. So I uploaded them to Google Drive:…ew?usp=sharing…ew?usp=sharing

The logs throw out a LOT of errors, which never happened before.

Hey @spacegojira! Could you verify that your graphics drivers are up to date and functioning as expected?

Hey @VictorLerp](! I just “fixed” my issue by selecting to use the integrated Intel video card in the Nvidia Control Panel, and now the Launcher starts just fine.

Only when I chose to run the Launcher with my Nvidia card, it does not start properly. So appearently it is the latest Nvidia Geforce Driver for my card (840m) that is causing the problems. The driver is called “457.09-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql”

Perhaps you want to check in with Nvidia about this problem.

Anyway, your reply made me try to use the integrated card and it fixed my problem, thank you so much! You are my hero :smiley: