[SOLVED] Installed Most Recent Update; Cannot Access Program


Since I installed the most recent mandatory update, every time I attempt to open a file or the program, it says the program is already running. However, although I have restarted my computer, and confirmed that the program is not running in the task manager, it will not open and still prompts with the same message “this program is already running.” In addition, the program is now unpinned from my program bar at the bottom of my desktop screen. Please advise ASAP!

OS: Windows 10


Hi brennmat
Please use the Task Manager and check if the RC is not running in the background…
Contact me please at milos.lukac@capturingreality.com

I have just the same problem.
win 8.1
please help

Hi Fedor
Contact me at milos.lukac@capturingreality.com

Hi Wishgranter,
thank you for such rapid reply.
I’m did close the aplication process tree and changed “process prioroty” from “normal” to “high priority”.
then it’s just started :slight_smile:
working fine.

Why isn’t the solution posted so that everyone else with the issue isn’t stuck banging their heads against the wall?

Hi brennmat
It’s because we could NOT reproduce this issue and find the culprit for now.
I have asked you for a direct email contact so that we can start to pinpoint the issue on your PC

Similar problem: App appears to start (process lists 14% CPU & disk activity at 20-60Mbps), but doesn’t open an app window.

Solution: Be patient - it opens eventually. Mine took ~10 minutes for app window to appear first time after the update (i7-4790 3.6Ghz, GTX 980, Win10). After the app started it posted a notifier saying that the cache had to be cleared/rebuilt.

Suggestion: Post notifier *before* rebuilding cache?

I have same problem on Windows7.
Please help.

Hi All
As gareth says, for now it seems that it’s a CACHE-related issue, please CLEAR you cache folder ( deleting all what’s inside ) and then try to run RC again. If you don’t set it to CUSTOM location, then it’s located in c:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\RealityCapture\ change the USER to your Windows account name ( that one you use to log in )