[SOLVED] Importing e57 Laser Scan Failed


I have used Cloud Compare to load a 42GB XYZRGB file and it was imported fine (with color) into Cloud Compare. I then choose to export the file to the e57 format. RC starts to import the file (12GB) and it takes around 3 minutes to complete. Once the file is loaded RC tells me “Operation Failed!” and I do not know what the problem is. I know e57 support is beta but any idea what could make the import go bad?

Update: I also tried to import a e57 file made with Thinkbox Sequoia - at least here RC completely crashes immediately.

Update2: I believe I found the problem. Unordered or unified clouds will not work with RC am I right? I just had the same problem with the e57 file when trying to open it in Recap 360. Basically the mesher says that unordered clouds do not work. If I am right - then this is something that you urgently need to add to the import file specs on your FAQ.

thanks for your help.

Hi Paulsen
Yes, only the ORDERED point clouds are supported. that means you need to export for RC point clouds that contain scanner positions. Unordered point clouds are NOT supported for now…
The info regarding supported file formats has been updated here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=492