[Solved] Gameplay ability on wrong target

Hi all,

In my PlayerController on MouseReleased I call from the AbilitySystemComponent TryActivateAbilityByClass. The GA only plays a monatge. Now is the funny part I don’t really get.

The montage plays depending on the actor I clicked, instead of as I would have expected, on the actor the controller and also the abilitysystemcomponent belongs to.

So I am walking around and click on my char the monateg plays on my char. I click on a different char, the montage plays on that char, not on mine.

Does anyone had a similar issue and knows how to solve it before starting a deep dive to debug?

Kind regards

Long story short, because I called it on the wrong actor. While storing the mouse target might be good using it for calling abilities is bad. Changed it to get controlled pawn’s ability system and I was fine.