(solved) Freeze - Account window stops launch of editor

When I launched UEFN yesterday, I got a web page that asked me to link my Unreal account. After I accepted, everytime I launch UEFN, the editor would get stuck in the image shown below, and I would see an extra hidden window called “account” that appears nowhere. The only way to proceed is if I close the UEFN window (not the account one) and that would launch the editor.

This happens everytime I launch the editor (PC). To trigger it, you have to have the web page pop up and then accept to link accounts.

UnrealEditorFortnite.log (370.7 KB)

Hi Wertandrew! Would you do us a favor and post a log for UEFN after you encounter this issue?
You can find it in:


Will do!

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Here is the log. Attached in OP too
UnrealEditorFortnite.log (370.7 KB)

Thank you Wertandrew! Delivering to an engineer to get some insights.

There was a fix to address a race condition with this popup window that went out in the build today, is it still happening for you?

I dont see it anymore (launched editor 5 times now, didn’t happen once).


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