[SOLVED] Faro Scene e57 Importer Crash


I have created a e57 file from Faro Scene (newest version) this time instead of using Remake360.
When I try to import the file RC crashes. I am also not able to export a PTX file from Faro Scene so
I am basically stuck and cannot work with Faro or Recap together with RC.

Please advice. Is Laserscan importing in heavy alpha?

Edit: After re-registering the whole scans and spending another 5 hours on this I am giving up.
I am extremely disappointed. Basically Faro Scans do not work in RC at all. I guess the same goes
for Leica then?


Hi Paulsen
no alpha stage, it’s working…

Short question – are you importing RAW faro scanned data to Faro Scene and prepare it from scratch ( registering, coloring and etc ) in Faro Scene and just then export or is your workflow different ??


I found the problem. Faro allows you to export unsorted and sorted pointclouds but defaults to unsorted when you just use the export in the “explore” tab. One needs to right click on the tree structure at the top of all the scans (root) then select export pointclouds (sorted). Only this way can RC load the data correctly.

I was able to load the data. I will report if the meshing works out.
Thanks for your help!