[Solved] drawcall and memory

Hello, my question is about optimization. i’m trying to understand what are drawcall overload symptoms, and memory overload symptoms. someone could explain this to me. i’m not asking how drawcalls, or memory basically work; just the symptoms

Rather sure if you overload memory you BSOD or otherwise crash the system / I don’t think you can actually do this anyway.

The more drawcalls you have the lower the final FPS.

Thank you. this is more or less what i suspected

i have another related question, so i won’t open another thread. let’s say i have a wall, with a door, and a window. the three textures (wall, door, window) are ‘packed’. by packed i mean all the stuff is on one texture. not different channels, just one texture. and the wall, the door, and the window are all one same object/mesh. will this count as 2 drawcalls (mesh + texture), or 4 drawcalls (1 mesh, wall text, door text, window text)

If they’re all one actor that’s using the same material then that’s 2 draw calls.

Also, there’s a dynamic instancing feature that was added a few versions back that can try to reduce the number of draw calls for separate static meshes that use the same material. You can also manually do that using Instance Static Mesh Blueprints. Those options allow you to have separate objects while still ultimately combining them for the GPU

Best way to find out.
make and empty level. Add the wall. Add a light near it of any kind and stat it.

Thanks for the help.

in Rendering kickstart course chap. 2, they say something interesting at 13:20, all the similar meshes using the same material instance are batched into one draw call. under that angle i understand better now why all the marketplace assets are modular