[SOLVED] Bundle.out seems not ok when Model is Georeferenced


I have exported two bundle files using RC.

The first export was done with a Model that is not georeferenced and with a ground plane corresponding to the ground
The second one with a Model that is georeferenced and with a ground plane that has been changed.

Then I can import in Blender the Cameras using a Bundle import plugin for Blender.

When I compare the rotation matrix for the Cameras in Blender with the .xmp files generated from RC I notice that the values are good for the fisrt test case. Indeed, for this first test case I get the same rotation matrix in Blender that the rotation Matrix provided by the .xmp file.

Nevertheless, for the second test case I get a different rotation matrix in Blender that the rotation Matrix provided by the .xmp file. Still, when I open the corresponding bundle.out file (generated from RC), the rotation matrix written in the file is the same as the one I can print in Blender.

I finally tested the rotation matrix provided by the .xmp for the second test case.
Using these .xmp file I can fit my cameras with my Georeferenced Model; I can’t with the Bundle.out in this second case, whereas I was able to do it previously with the first test case.

So the .xmp is always good and the Bundle.out might be false when we do some transformation on the Ground plane and with georeferencing.

Hi Marion,

when exporting a scene to bundle out as geo-referenced you will get a different rotation and translation. This is expected as cameras are rotated w.r.t. coordinate system ground and shifted to the correct world coordinates. For many coordinate systems you may expect coordinates with values over 10000.

To understand you correctly - you mean that model exported as e.g. obj and exported as geo-referenced does not match camera poses exported as geo-referenced?


Thank you again for your reply. Yes I solved it using an extra rotation that I computed using the difference between the rotation I can get in XMP and the one I have in the Bundle.out.

I suppose that the quaternion I get for this difference must be equal to the Ground Plane Orientation w.r.t. the World scene.

Is there any way to print the Ground Plane Matrice or Quaternion in Capturing Reality?


I guess this is the same problem I’m having. Bundle.out is very broken. Details here: http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/url/files.aaroncurt.is/lomablanca/rcPoseBug.ipnb

Can you share the rotation matrix that you used to fix it? It looks like my camera orientations are correct, but all my point locations come out rotated about 45 degrees around the x axis. I guess I can try and figure it out…

Sucks that you reported this in April and they haven’t fixed it.

this is all processed through the same export mechanism, so all georef. outputs are broken. This is fixed in upcoming update.
Thanks for reporting.