Solve the Widget/Button focus/Gamepad issue ! Help me out guys!

Hello everyone,

I will make an example project to show every problem clearly.

I have menu and I would like to control it with an Xbox30 controller but I have no idea how to gain control over the widget. I can click on it its okey and after the first click i can move and use the “action” button but before the click I cant move inside the menu with the controller. (with d-pads or even with the sticks)
Btw you can see those markers around the “button2” that’s what you see when you are using the controller.

So how can I gain control? or how do I focus a button?

I have some basic logic issue that I cant solve. If I use this I can not close the Widget the Start button wont react and it stays there if I delete the “the Set input mode UIonly” than I can open and close the widget without any problem but i can move in game. So I want to stand still or set the game paused.
Menu_active is created in the “widget_test”