Solution for Rotation Bug in Unreal Engine 4.7.6

I’m new to Unreal Engine. I don’t even have background in using any game engine in the market. But ever since I read all of the amazing features in Unreal Engine, I begin to try it and even became obsessive to it :smiley:

So every day, when I had the chance, I studied every tutorial available in Youtube. Then I came across this particular issue with rotation when I tried to rotate a pawn that I possessed. I browsed the AnswerHub and surprised to learn that there was a bug in it and even in the latest version of Unreal Engine. How could such a simple rotation mechanism cannot work perfectly in one of the most popular game engine out there? Disappointing indeed for an amazing game engine!

I was even more shocked that, before I encountered this issue, somehow I accidentally managed to do full rotation on any actor and any pawn without issue in a different project. In fact, I created an animation for it.

So I investigated the blueprints and found the root cause of it. I decided to share this info with all of you developers struggling with the pawn rotation issues.
This revelation may be shocking for many of you… haha… :smiley: The solution in resolving rotation limits is as follow:

  1. DO NOT possess a Pawn
  2. Rotate any Actor and any Pawn, that you wish to rotate, in the PlayerController blueprint

It works perfectly to static/spawned Actor/Pawn object. It even work perfectly for values exceeding 360 degrees in any direction (roll, yaw, pitch).

Shocking huh?

I’m not sure if I understand number 1. What do you mean with not to possess a pawn? Is it about implementing input in the pawn’s blueprint itself?

I’ll try when I get home.

I’ve recently discovered that using the Add Local Rotation node instead of Set World/Relative Rotation gets around this pitch rotation bug. You can easily substract your current rotation from your desired one and plug the result into the Add Local Rotation node.

There’s a node called “Possess”. Don’t use it. Try to do the implementation in the PlayerController blueprint and not within the Pawn blueprint. Add Local Rotation node also has limits in rotation when you use it inside Pawn blueprint. In PlayerController blueprint, you can continuously rotate an object 360 degrees and even more (multiple rotation) with the help of Timeline node.