Solidworks to Unreal

hi, i have a problem, when i try to import my solidworks model to unreal (i convert .stl file in fbx with 3ds ), the model is much heavier than the original, does anyone know how to fix it?
thanks and sorry for my bad english.

What exactly do you mean with heavier? -> more vertices? :slight_smile:

i mean that the model in solidworks weighs about 5 Kg and in unreal over 15000 kg scaled 1 to 1, i have read that it is a problem of density due to the conversion but i do not know how to fix it

Unreal uses centimeters as its unit of length. Perhaps your object is a lot bigger in UE?

Other than that, physical properties (mass, elasticity, etc) don’t transfer through STL or FBX, so you’ll have to open up the object blueprint in the Unreal editor and change the density/weight of it.

so there is no way to keep such information from the SolidWorks model?

Post screenshots of what you refer to, Both in solidworks and UE.

the project is to provide a simulation of the flight of a drone that we have done in the laboratory, at the moment I do not have the model in solidworks as we are working on another student, I only have a stock model that I imported into unreal to understand how it worked