Solidcolor unlit material precision

Hi! I want to use flat solidcolor materials (no lights) and for that I just create UNLIT materials and i just put the color I want in the Emmissive slot. The result is almost ok but final color looks a bit brighter than the color i plugged…even if I pick color the ‘sphere preview’ material the color is brighter and brighter.

How can I achieve a flat unlit precise color material?


by default the engine uses srgb for anything that goes into base color or emissive.
you need to either create a simple texture with the color you want and import it with srgb enabled, or use a color (float 3) node and do some math on it to basically compensate for the srgb.
srgb basically is gamma 2.2 whereas the color that you see in the material node is linear color (gamma 1)
also dont forget to check if you have any post processing enabled… that might mess up the colors

Thanks for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any clue about the math to go grom G2.2 to G1.0 ?