its a call of duty game with future gohan and big boss Link mega man Mario luigi keenve reeses as gohan david hayter as big boss hunter hayes as link jack black as Mario triple h as luigi kevin Costner as mega man is team solid for Nintendo switch and must save the princess pinch and Zelda the president and the all the captured human race from the new metal gears that has taken on human form with 60 billion of metal gears and new team is formed moonlight dark team zues Poseidon and all the gods has call upon all the universe to take moonlight dark team the aliens predators angels demons in a massive open world gameplay with six players campaign unreal engine over 500 zillion enemies and first person view with all new weapons uniforms vehicles spaceships space shuttles safe houses the navy marines and the army has draft them in and is also your command train your army in kami style and give them the advantaged dungeons boss fights and zues is the main boss with his army of gods prepare for battle

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite post on the forums.