Software Recommendations/Pro's and Con's?

I’m more of a programmer myself, and also a big planner. GDDs are my life. However, I am leading my team, and I tend to hire based on passion rather than experience/tools. I have a strong belief that someone who thoroughly enjoys their job will go great lengths to do well in it. So, since I am starting out with people who have little experience in content creation, specifically 3D Modelling, Animation, and Level Design, I’d like to hear some supplementary software, and if anyone has some suggestions, resources for learning. I’m not really talking about the main software such as Blender/Maya/3ds Max and Mudbox and the like, but rather tools to make the process simpler.

Also just two quick questions about the marketplace content and level assets. Would content such as the Open World Demo assets, which are free, be permitted to be used in commercial projects? I haven’t really understood the process of developing assets like rocks and grass. I’m sure the larger companies are capable of producing their own assets, but do mid-sized teams tend to do that or do they invest money in buying assets?

+1 so true :wink:

For speeding the assets creation, don’t bake high polys to low polys props. Make some low poly and/or middle polys assets and then texture them with the Quixel suite or Painter app. First the normal creation with nDo then 3Do for the texturing (with the Quixel suite by example).

Yes, you can use the free marketplace/learning tab content in a commercial UE4 game under the EULA. Well, read the EULA :wink:

Small teams often buy some assets.

Thanks so much
I’ll check those out
and the EULA.

Same belief here. ^^
It’s allowed to use the assets from the epicstuff, in your projects.
Have an eye on performance when you use them.
I liked supergrid from MP very much to understand modular meshing for UE4 (did it before, but was nice to have perfect working stuff, for errorsearch on own parts).
It’s a great tool for blocking out levels, or even worlds in very short time.
Blender as 3D tool works like a charm with UE4 and all you create is yours/legal.
I do not need further Meshediting tools in UE4, for me Blender is dazillion times better, then a tool like hammer(2016) ever could be.
When personal workflow is setup, it’s like realtimeediting for me, only with im-export breaks in workflow.
These paid montly subscriptions for other products are very bad, when you ask me.
Kind regards :slight_smile: