Softimage and GEAR to Unreal 4

In short anyone have any idea if this works and a bit of help with process?
Rig from GEAR in Softimage contains mesh and bunch of Nulls that are animated and weighted to mesh. So Nulls are like skeleton joints. Any help with this?

Hi Mirko,
With Species it works perfectly ( see my signature ), but I haven’t tried with Gear, but I suppose that you’ll have the same results, the important thing is that you have just a single root and not multiple, otherwise you’ll have an error while importing…just plot everything once you finished animating and you’re done.

Also I suggest you to export one of the characters from the example files ( or Matinee scene ) to check the scale of the character itself…usually I scale my Species character by 9.67 to get roughly 1.80cm :wink:

Tested with Species and yes it woks fine but species does use standard bones.
Gear on the other hand use nulls. Which doesn’t seems to work…
Anyone have any idea about this?