soft shadows in light bake?

Can someone explain to me how to get a point light to have shadows that fade from hard to soft like a real light? Typically with any renderer or other engine u would make the physical size of the light larger… and im assuming thats the source radius.

So far I have tried every type of light… in and out of a lightmap bake. I even tried enabling mesh distance fields and restarting unreal editor, but still… that dont work either for any type of light… static or dynamic.

Dont really think I need mesh distance fields anyway. I just need lightmaps that well… get baked right.

Can anyone explain the process to me?

Set the light to Static and then adjust the Radius and the Length values. To get that effect for dynamic shadows you have to use distance field raytraced shadows:

I think my issue was the intensity was way up there at its default value for some reason rather then like a regular light bulb. Thanks.