Socket Scale Goes Back to 1 After Closing Editor


Way to reproduce the bug:

1.Create a socket on a static mesh

2.Change the relative scale of this socket to some value other than (1, 1, 1). I’m using (0.2, 0.2, 0.2) in my case.

3.Set a preview static mesh for this socket

Until step 3, I can still see the preview mesh scaled correctly per the value of relative scale.

4.Close the asset editor window, then open it again

As you can see, the preview mesh is now scaled back to (1, 1, 1) with the socket relative scale value remains (0.2, 0.2, 0.2). And if I spawn some actor according to socket params, the actor won’t get scaled as I want, but keep an original scale of (1, 1, 1). So I guess the issue is caused by wrong relative scale value of socket, instead of some preview mesh displaying error.


I have gone through the provided steps and was able to reproduce the issue. I have gone ahead and logged it as a bug, which you can keep track of here in our public tracker. If you have any questions regarding the issue above, feel free to reopen this thread.

-Thank you