Socket distance - how to show it at runtime onscreen/log

Hi all,

I’ve made a graph where I’m looking for two socket locations and get the distance between them.

As you can see from the attached images I put a vector lenght in order to be able to see the distance at runtime between the sockets.
Side note: not sure if its correct but the skeletal mesh is set to ( under the animation tab in the right window ) to “Use animation asset” and set to loop.

If I just leave the “Print string” ( with both print to screen and print to log ) as soon as I play the scene I have nothing onscreen and on the log, so I suppose that it doesn’t read anything.
If I try to hook the Event tick ( which check every frame ) I get an error on the “Get socket transform” node.

In the end I just want to see onscreen ( or in the log ) the distance at runtime between the sockets, but I’m a bit struggling right now

Could you help me out please?