Soapbox Racer mesh for students causing big problems!

Hi all, I’m teaching a games art course and have a project coming up that’s a bit out of my skillset it seems!
I’ve been provided with a simple soapbox racer mesh from a contact at a games studio, so that I can set it as a project for my college students in Unreal. The idea is they take the mesh and blueprint it into a playable vehicle. So to make sure this is going to work, I followed the tutorials that everyone seems to follow:

to get the gist of blueprinting, so far so good. But when I try and apply the same concept to the Soapbox mesh I can’t get it to move or turn! Can someone please take a look at my Maya file and/or Unreal project and tell me where on earth I’m going wrong!

I’ve looked around for 3 days, made 11 project versions and tried things like setting root to 0,0,0 in Maya, removing bone rotation in Maya, setting the root to ground level instead of in the vehicle, making unique joints rather than cloning, setting Z as up axis… in UE4 I’ve been mucking about with the physics asset and must have rebuilt the thing 5 fives over from scratch… Oh also yesterday I got it working as in driving and steering, then moved on to making the wheels turn and mucked it up somewhere, when I returned to the successful save point alas it no longer drove or steered!!

How on earth does anyone use UE4 to make vehicle games when it’s so so difficult and inconsistent?!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing ***any ***suggestions!