So, where can I start with C++ Networking

Hi All,

My team is on track to start a few networking sprints in January, where we want to start building in the networking for our game. We’re networking from PC to Android Tablets and Vice-Versa over a LAN network, with a maximum total of 32 clients. Most of the replication data is fairly simple, we only really need transforms and some data to fill up the end-users HUD’s, so it’s not even relevant to the other players most of the time. We have some external libraries that calculate the positions of objects and their properties, that will run purely on the PC-based server.

The problem is, C++ networking in UE4 doesn’t seem (at least at first glance) to have any complete documentation or beginner tutorials anywhere. I can only imagine what problems we’ll be met with when it comes to cross-platform networking, so does anybody have any advice on where to really start?

Thanks in advance!

If you stick to the UE 4 library`s it is all cross platform.
Have a look at the links to get started.

Network Replication, Using ReplicatedUsing / RepNotify vars

Networking & Multiplayer

Network Tips and Tricks
Finding Network-based Exploits

Thanks WCode

I’m hoping Epic adds an official tutorial soon for networking a simple game through code. Would certainly make things easier to understand.

You probably have already seen these, but if not they have helped me to better understand networking and replication. They are Epic made tutorials but written for blueprints. I do remember that there were some comments in them about C++ as well. From what I can tell once you understand how UE4 handles replication, many of the concepts are similar so implementing it in C++ or blueprints shouldn’t be too different.