So is sequencer only for cinematics?

I’m a bit confused and I can’t find an answer about this anywhere. I’m kinda noob when it comes to modelling characters.

Does the sequencer enable us to create animation loops from any rigged character? As in, all I gotta do is rig the model in the modelling software and then either keyframe animation clips or just do the same in UE4’s sequencer?

I don’t know if I’m making much sense. For instance, say there’s a 3d character just rigged. I want to make him run. I keyframe a running loop in order to use it when the character moves in the game. Can the sequencer do this?

Basically I’m asking about the workflow.

ModSoft: Model>Rig>Texture>Animate>Export or Model>Rig>Texture>Export

It’s animation blend ( orange). Right click on file panel and Hoover over animation drop down menu and click on animation blend.

2D is suit for idle to walk to run.

You will need have animation squeals ( green ). You can get it from market or import FBX ( as stand alone )

Stand alone FBX = export lot of FBX per animation loop… Then import skeleton and mesh only without animation first… Then import again for animation only ( un-tick the box on either. Not both.)

Mind my English…

I’ll be honest I have trouble understanding what you wrote. A yes or no will do: Can the sequencer create animation loops that can be assigned to a character?

Short answer - yes.

Really? I would say no. Sequencer is for playing back animation that is already there or for recording realtime gameplay (for characters that already have animation).

It is possible to animate using Persona (Editing Animation Layers | Unreal Engine Documentation) but it’s not super efficient, you would probably be better off animating in Blender (or whatever software you want to use).

Aight, thanks. Was wondering if I should keep playing around with Maya for animation or just focus on models.