So I started working with Epic Online Services

I have it all set up, I am able to connect to EOS and login using my epic account.

I am able to pull info from it using tyhe EOS Online Subsystem + Blueprints.

Now after I connect a player using their epic account, where do I save their id to?

Right now I have it stored as a variable in the widget locally where the login is firing on Eventconstruct, but throughout the play, where do i save that info to reference anywhere? Player state( i am kind of certain yes/maybe)? Player controller(from what I know it doesn’t live the whole time the player is playing the game from game start or on the server? game instance is a server only place so cant be that…

I am guessing it is stored somewhere local? Not a game mode obviously, and not a game state. All I could imagine is a player state, but I am unsure.

Please halp =P

Game State -> Player State or Player Controller -> Player State for ease of access.

Game Instance for boot to close session.

So once the player signs into the epic account and it is successful of course, i can immediately save that user id as a variable to the player state, and anytime i want to get that user id i just cast to the player state?

i think i get it.

Yes, but if you need that value between modes, rounds, levels etc save it to the Game Instance. GI starts at game loading and persists until the game is shutdown.

So every player that signs in gets a game instance?

In short Yes. A Game instance is created when the game executable is run. Thus every player (client) and server will have it’s own GI. The GI will persist until the executable is shutdown.

Game Instances DO NOT Replicate. Calling “Get Game Instance” will get the calling clients GI.

Ahh Perfect! Thanks for this clarification! This just made it all link together in my head! Much appreciated!