So, here's what some of us have been working on :)

Just showing off a few bits and bobs I’ve been tinkering with before UE4 went public. Would have liked to have done some tutorials on more polished versions but this was all somewhat unexpected, so they’ll come in time :smiley:

I encourage the other testers among us to post their stuff too, some of you have done some mind-bending things already!

A window shader inspired by Gears of War 2:

My first attempt at lit and shadowed particles, I fixed them up a lot since

My Hover-Tank project, inspired by 1999 game Battlezone II
This is currently blueprint only and I’ve updated it massively since, I will eventually be transferring to C++ and posting source as I learn :slight_smile:

A weapon shader that dynamically adds detail to the mesh, and other things :wink: (Click THe Image)


I’ll just add some of my stuff here :slight_smile:

?v=1XluX_HdHAo (Hologram shader experiment)
?v=uhSV1RcIb3o (Door sequence, blueprint experiment)

Forum complained about 5 images in single post so I have to split…

Ice shader (tesselation experiment)




Outline shader using “CustomDepth” rendertarget.

All of these look great! The door animation is amazing! :smiley:

For those who missed it, here is what Blackfoot has been up to with Unreal Engine 4:


I have been working on a ocean material. Still stuck at the ‘vertex level’ :stuck_out_tongue:



I love the Frost. Thanks for the help!

This playlist cointains nearly all videos that where posted by the beta testers: ?v=7eb0BKyB6u8&index=2&list=PLyfbinWLdAUzbYETcEylSH3z2lBUiEzs0 So there you can find many stuff that users made with the UE4

Im just starting to do little thinks like adding new weapons and some content stuff, here is a little video ://