Snowboard kids HD

If anyone recalled this game in the 90s would know how much fun it was.
I m basically requesting a hd remake of the first full blown out next gen graphics, physics improved but not anything fancy unless you want.
Possibly adding more levels and unlocks etc.
Anyone out there with the talent up for it?

Unless you have some skill to work on it, it’s doubtful anyone else will want to

No one likes snowboard kids?
That’s blasphemy !

On a serious note I guess I will try but am working from the ground up.
Know very little coding so will probably use the blue print for now, but am probably getting ahead of myself as I am a noob and don’t know where to start.??

Make sure to post such stuff into the “got skills” section :wink:
First of all I suggest you to start learning the basics of the UE4 → take a look at the official tutorials, documentation, wiki,… After that try to create a basic prototype of your game and then extend from that

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I love this game, and would enjoy working on such a project.

That said, I am mainly Audio, but am useful in BP so far.