"Snap to Target" doesn't always work.


I have something happening that I believe is a bug, but it could just be me not understanding some fundamental.

Basically, I have a VR project where the player can pick up some “item” actors and attach them to other actors. I’m using BeginOverlap events, casting and an AttachToComponent node to do this. The AttachToComponent node has Location Rule and Rotation Rule set to “Snap to Target” so that the items will end up in the correct position.

However, what happens it that sometimes (seems like it mainly happens if the player is holding and moving the item very quickly) the item will end up in the wrong location with the wrong rotation. It’s basically like if the item is moving quickly enough the “Snap to Target” isn’t enough to stop it in time and the item ends up a bit further along. And again, it doesn’t happen every time.

Sorry if I’m explaining this poorly, but I’ve been fighting with this for quite some time now and my brain is starting to fry.

Any help would be very appreciated!