Smoothing up aiming animations?

so, what id like to do is use a FABRIK nose to snap the off-hand to the forearm of a weapon, but i was wondering how one could set this location up as a variable determined by the equipped weapon, as not all weapons are held the same way… for example a bullpup type of weapon will have a much more compact grip than a conventional rifle… i know theres a transform pin on the FABRIK node so if i could create a socket on each individual weapon, and convert that location into a transform variable that could be updated in the event graph based on equipped weapon?

i was also wondering what could be done about the shooting hand too, not every weapon has the same length of pull, so ensuring every weapon fit the hand properly, and the stock also matched the shoulder, that would require either different animation poses, or additive layers to the base animation to adjust the grip to match the equipped weapon… i wonder if i could snap a socket on the weapon placed at the weapons grip to the palm of the right hand, then somehow match a socket in the buttstock to one in the shoulder and use IK for the right arm to adjust the animation to match… but since the shape of grips and forearms are never the same, perhaps additive layers and custom aim offset poses for each weapon would be the best course of action

alright… i think trying to do this with FABRIK or something else is just going to be way too laggy, and too buggy, so would it be possible to just tweak the base animations, like the idle, walking, aiming poses, etc to fit each weapon, then apply that additive layer to the base animation when a specific weapon is equipped?.. i think that’d probably be the smoothest and best way to do it