Smoothing Groups

When I imported an FBX to UE4.14.0 it reported that “no smoothing group information was found in this fbx scene”. I was advised on a different forum to try one remedy in Maya and another in MeshLab. There must have been a lot of changes in what things are called and associated menus, found little correlation, but in any event, I used “Set Normal Angle” in Maya 2017 and UE4 returned the same message and mesh looked blocky. In MeshLab v1.3.3 I imported obj and under Filter/Normals, Curvature, and Orientation/Smooth normals on point sets, I applied the default, exported with textures, and brought into UE4, same message, but now also no color. That said, the blockiness disappeared, especially evident when I arbitrarily applied a different texture. The smoothing seemed overkill, so maybe that’s about returning to MeshLab with a softer touch on smoothing normals. Any thoughts here to correct my workflow, and thanks for specifying which version of which app and with which actual menu name and submenu, etc. I’m to find the right commands, my guessing routines leave much to be desired ;^)