Smash Bros/All-Stars BR like game full game within Blueprint

Hi everybody. Have to direct my question here in the forums as a recommendation from someone. My question is…

It is possible to create a Smash Bros/All-Stars Battle Royale like game completely using solely UE4 Blueprint?

This project is personal and non-commercial, I know nothing about programming but want to create that kind of games to play in both PC and OSX with my friends without publishing the game worldwide.

Thank you from know if anyone have an idea.

It really depends what key features you’d be looking for. You can certainly create side-controlled, physics based characters and apply force to them when they intersect with another player that is attacking.

You can also have a bounds box that would destroy the character when touched and trigger a delay to reset them.

I’ve not really played SB a whole lot in a while, so I’m not 100% sure on which features you’d be looking for.

List some features and I’m sure people will give you a rough outline for how much work it’ll be in BPs.

Based on what I have seen so far and the mechanics of SSB, it can be done relatively easy. Hardest part would be figuring out that camera though IMO. Otherwise the sheer amount of models/animations would be longest part.