SMALLAND - Stay alive as a Shrunken Person



Without knowing why, you found yourself in the world of small creatures. Why that’s happened? Have all the humanity been shrunk or are you alone? There are so many questions that you should answer but before you do that, you must find a place to hide, because you didn’t feed your sweet squirrel for a long time, and it’s starving now.

With Smalland, lots of terms of survival have been changed and appeared quite a detailed game. The wind can blow your items, even your building if you didn’t build it strong enough. The rain can be pretty dangerous, it can cause puddles. You’re really small, and puddles are not just puddles anymore.

As a tiny person, there is a huge adventure that is waiting for you full of the lively ecosystem and great moments. You must be careful and craft creative items for staying alive in this crazy world. And if you want, your friends can join your adventure.



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