Small Static Mesh Flickering At Short Distance

I am currently trying to create a christmas tree out of christmas lights. The christmas light mesh is very small, which is causing some problems. When I start the level, the light meshes are barely visible and are flickering. As I move closer to them, they become more visible. The desired brightness level is only achieved when I am practically touching the light mesh. I have tried increasing the multiplier for the emissive color, but it does not achieve the desired result. I have also looked into distance culling, but that does not seem to make much of a difference either. I would like the mesh to maintain a similar level of brightness regardless of the distance, and would also like it to be completely visible from at least the level start position. I’m not sure if the issue is just the meshes are too small, but if possible, I would like to keep them the same size. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Here is a video that shows the issue:

Below is a screen shot of the static mesh properties: