Small graphical glitch in Matinees

A small but still rather visible glitch occurs in Matinee at the 0.00 time (at frame 0), when you set the Director Track to a Matinee controlled camera.
It wont register the Camera Settings at the key you set to 0.00, but immediately after. If you have a looping Matinee with a Camera set on the loop as well, you will see 1 frame glitching at the start of every loop if you have adjusted DoF or Aspect Ratio of the Camera.

This is fixable manually, if you move the Director Track key for the Camera to negative timeline values, before 0.00. So its not an critical issue.
But I believe some users will fall for it and fixing it would give more polished feel to Matinee as well.

Hello Manatee,

I’ve been able to reproduce your issue, and your workaround seems to be the best way to get around it for now. Since we will be replacing Matinee with Sequencer in the future, this issue may be resolved in Sequencer. In the meantime, using the workaround that you have devised is the best way to get around the issue.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint