Small Gig, Quick Turnaround: Artist for Unique 2D Platformer Prototype to be Pitched at PAX South

I am seeking an artist to create a small set of assets for a 2D platformer prototype I will be pitching at PAX South. The prototype is for a full-size release called Sancho Pancho—a zany, colorful, acid-trip platformer that mixes sharp game design with nonsensical themes and humor.

Bring your own art style as long as it’s eye-catching, colorful, and includes some weird characters. The assets need to be readable at a small size, and proportions of the characters and objects should be vaguely block-shaped (i.e. no curved surfaces or lanky appendages).

Required (two color palettes each):

  • 1 player character model
  • 1 enemy character model
  • 1 set of outdoor level geometry (1 tileable platform, 1 background, and 1 tileable wall)
  • 1 collectible
  • 1 breakable box
  • 1 logo

Despite the title Sancho Pancho, the game does not have a Latin flair. In fact, the ideal look of the player character is best described as “space pilot without a ship,” although the setting isn’t particularly space-y. Here’s a shot of some placeholder art I made a while ago as a starting point (disregard the gameplay). It needs reworked because it’s too derivative, too plain, and I’m not necessarily wedded to pixel art.

This gig requires a quick, three-week turnaround as PAX South is fast approaching (Jan. 27–29).

If interested, please send an email with your portfolio and compensation requirements to [EMAIL=“”]

As a one-man indie company, I would prefer a backend compensation agreement that would kick in after PAX (a revenue/funding share with contingency payment if sales/funding milestones are not met). I would, however, consider front-end compensation based on experience.