small FBX import / export with blender + Make human

I’m having a relatively small problem but it just completely blocks me from what i try to do.
Thing is simple:
I create my MH character then export as fbx. Everything is ok untill here.
This is how my skeleton hierarchy looks like:


But then when i go to blender , do whatever i have to do there and export it again as FBX the hierarchy slightly changes, making me unable to do a good retarget animation
This is what happens to the hierarchy, just a slight change.


I really don’t know why it happens, since when i was using the default UE4 skeleton i used the same export parameters as i’m using now and didn’t have this problem.What’s going wrong?

Its an issue the Blender FBX exporter has had for quite some time.
I recently updated a tutorial on the subject which you can find here:

[Tutorial] Prevent Blender FBX Exporter adding extra root bone](Prevent Blender FBX Exporter adding extra root bone – Kris Redbeard)

You’re a freaking life saver!

This issue has plagued me ever since 2.75 (or was it 6?) FINALLY a solution! Thanks for posting this!

All good.
Let me know if it changes again.
Gotta see about a good MakeHuman to UE4 rig at some point too.