small actors

I have just started with UE4 and blender, and decided to work on a spaceship cockpit as a first project. I have changed the scale in Blender to use centimeters, and I have made some switches. But when I import these fbx meshes into UE4 it gives me a warning about the mesh being very small. Compared to the Starter Content chair its correctly sized. But I am finding it quite difficult to get good camera angles in the viewport windows in UE4 since the cameras move a large distance all the time. For example, in the viewport of a blueprint, my mesh is just a few pixels wide, far in the distance, and when i rotate the mouse wheel one click to zoom in, it zooms right past the mesh.

Is there some way to make the panning and zoom features of the viewports a lot less sensitive/more precise?

(my final game idea will eventually feature a camera where the pilots head should be, which can pan around and maybe lean a little to the sides, but there’ll be no player movement as such. But I need to be able to construct the cockpit in UE4 first!
Please help!