Hello There,

I am new to unreal and following a course " Building you First Level" and I am on chapter Four, where I needed to find asset called " Sm_Exo_bridge" but in my content library its not there.

Do we have to download it from someplace, could you please help.

I just came across this with the same question. Since this is the only mention I could find through Google, I assume the bridge pack was left out of the most recent version of UE. I might end up following along with elements that I can find in the folders.

the same for me, but I realized that the search function in 4.25.3 is not working in mac, I found manually a SM_asset in the starter set but is not appear when I search it

First, you need to add “**Infinity Blade: Grass Lands” **to your project from Marketplace. It is free.

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