sluggish/blurry movment on Nexus 7 2013 LTE

i just launched the mobile temple demo onto my nexus 7 2013 LTE and while it runs it seems when moving/turning the camera things appear a bit blurry any way to change that? maybe it just hasnt been optimized yet :-p.

cool i got it to run though! notice some issues like some baked shadows (the collumn shadows which a few are baked as if you remove them and then redo the lighting you still see the shadows) do not show up on in the mobile version :-p.

Interesting none the less.

I think its just the nexus7 struggling to draw it because its full HD (side scroller sample is fine); there’s a chart somewhere that shows HDR and res cripples mobile performance. Some way of forcing the Nexus to scale to 1280x720 would be very useful.

yeah. there is an option to disable HDR in the options but not sure if that does it when rendering? will have to try. {edit] didnt seem to do anything with the android version…

me just thinks the mobile temple wasn’t exactly optimized for mobile devices yet :-p.

Actually, the Nexus7 doesn’t render fully at-resolution. IIRC, one of our rendering programmers said it’s currently at something like 80% of 720p. Anyways, if you take a look at our Android Device Compatibility page, you’ll see a footnote at the bottom stating that the Nexus7 doesn’t have great performance on the current drivers and that we’re working with Qualcomm to get some better ones released soon.

oh thanks! for the info! i apprechate it ;-).