Slow Update Download Speed

The download is slow for testing I tried to download the client I mean the launcher /Installer
I guess problem with epic games download server (not sure)
from url :

And I have tried the methods from [This][1] section

I am getting 10-30kbps download but after I switched to open DNS setting on router
current speed is 20-60kbps

However, my result is 1.98-2.1mbps and the download from other sites are between 150-220kbps
So mostly its cause of the download server location or something like that if you need I am from INDIA using BSNL broadband
Currently I am downloading 4.9.2 update 2.1Gb at 20-60Kbps

The issue is solved after adding the launcher to the firewall exception and adding opendns’s DNS to my router and restarting both solved the issue
now the download speed of the updates is 200+ kbps
I got the suggestion On the IRC chat of unreal engine