Slow frame rate with Unreal 4.15 in Kite Demo

See this video.

The framerate plummets when I turn and look towards the center of the map. I don’t recall this happening as badly when I was using unreal 4.14.

Is there some “feature” I can disable that will improve this?

I’m flying around the map using AirSim plugin.

It’s probably running at the same performance it always had, it’s very intensive.

I’m not sure why but it runs really badly on 4.15. I recently compared shipping packaged versions of both 4.15 and 4.7, and the difference was night and day. There seems to be an issue with some mesh LOD settings, as 4.15 tries to draw unreasonable amount of triangles. I didn’t dig deep to find the cause though.

Maybe the default quality settings changed

Hi all.

This looks to be something we are already tracking here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-42748)