Slow Alt+Tabbing with Launcher open


When using the launcher (tried with versions 1.8.0-2311636 and 1.7.1-2304152) on my Windows 7 machine and I do Alt+Tab to change windows (between any pair of windows, not just the Launcher one), the change takes a few seconds for some reason. I’ve checked memory and CPU and I have plenty of both free, and the launcher itself it’s using like 6% on a 4-core system and very little memory. Closing the launcher fixes everything, so there is no doubt it is the culprit.

I’ve also checked I/O rates and GPU memory/CPU usage just in case, but there is nothing obvious here. Is there any way of helping you debug this? I don’t need the launcher open to do anything, but still…


Hi Arcnor,

I just tested this on my machine but I couldn’t get your results. Could you post your dxdiag? Below is a link with directions on how to find it if you are unfamiliar.

Sure, here it is:dxdiag

I’m unsure of what could be the cause. Do you happen to have another program running in the background that may conflict in some way with the Launcher?

Sorry, I forgot I had a custom switcher (Alt-Tab Terminator - Ultra-Modern Task Switcher for Windows - NTWind Software, I’ve been using it for years, and completely forgot). If I don’t use it, then window tabbing is as fast as usual. However, this is the first time this happens, even the UE editor works fine.

Anyway, even if it’s a fault on the Launcher (not sure), I very much doubt you’ll spend time fixing this, so this can be closed. Thanks :smiley: