[ Slo Mo With Actual Data Showing What That Data Is To Truly See What's Going On ]

Hi. The animation on on events graph is very helpful to see data flow but it’d be really revolutionary if you could really slow things down, slo mo feature and actually see the data as in the data (number, photo videos) in a really sow fashion, you can see the numbers as they are added, multiplied and the photo of the maps going through the cables. The cables themselves you can zoom in and maybe that can be 3D too in really slo motion, to see exactly what’s happening to the variables, how exactly the function is processing it. That would be really interesting to see. It’s like looking at the brain in very slo motion where you actually see the videos sound numbers flowing through the pipes. a see through of the “body”, the “brain” how data is exactly digested, like it was all made of glass and the event graph and the other graph where they are like a antfarm of aquarium (you see what the ants are carrying, the video, maps, textures, in small represented by thumbnails and the number- it’s also be great to see them in 3D so you can zoom (like going inside a huge pipe see what actually flows in there).

Better still- merge the graph as 3D into the Viewport and you can actually the graph animation plus the actual data flowing into each actor and you can zoom into those 3D pipes and nodes too, thus you can create a many sided node (a tetrahderonal node maybe, that could reduce clutter) - the more one can visualize data flow the better it is to understand and build something great faster too:-)

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