Slingshot Grab Function and Firing

Hello all,

In my game there are discs in the gamespace which the player can grab with the mouse cursor, pull back and let go of to fire, just like a slingshot. There are a couple of things which I can’t seem to get my head around.

First off, when grabbing a disc, the player needs to angle the cursor in the opposite direction of which they want the disc to be thrown however when the cursor is held over other discs it will grab those as well and fire several at once. How can I can get the cursor to allow only one disc to be thrown at any one time? Here is the blueprint for that:

Also when the disc is thrown, it is not always in the exact opposite direction of where the cursor is held. It will go in the general direction but often goes off at a skewed angle. Can anyone suggest how I go about fixing this? -

Thanks in advance!