sliding door on class blueprint only works once

I made a sliding door class blueprint, well its an elevator but uses sliding door timeline. It works the first time, so rises then goes back down. However when I enter the trigger box again, which is its trigger event, it doesn’t work. i.e only works once per gameplay.

Also, I added a “end overlap” event to reverse the process i.e make it go back down to initial location, but that didnt work either. (had to make it park of the timeline to go back down after a set amount of time)

this is a screenshot of my event graph and view port

funny thing is I have a level blueprint with the same thing but for an actual sliding door and it works perfectly. :frowning:

any help would be appreciated

Try changing your graph so it executes the ‘Play From Start’ input rather than ‘Play’ perhaps…the reverse might be moving the playhead into negatives…failing that, try calling the ‘set new time’ input before calling start and set the value to the start position…

Yeah I would go for the “Play from start” as well. That way you can make sure that it begins from the absolute start. I usually only use the “play” when I want to be able to stop the timeline and then resume etc.