Sliced Lighting on walls and floor

Hi , I 'm doing a lighting test with UE 4.23 and I’ve a strange result on my light build.
As you can see when I build my light it return this kind of slices on my floor and walls , the light is not uniform and soft…
In preview mode or Production mode is the same ! What could be the problem?

The problem is (I guess) the Static Lightning Level Scale - you should have this on 0.1. The higher this value si the more unprecise the shadows maps are.

Edit: Just to inform you that the render time will jump up a lot. Thats why the fastest HQ lightbaking for just testing - the Indirect lightning Quality should be on 1 and keep the Static Lightning Level Scale on 0.1 so you can test your lightmaps. And finaly when you are done with everything, raise up the ILQ settigs to 2 or 4.

thanks ,I’m trying : The quality is improved but the problem is still the same. I really managed everything. I thought it could be the lightmaps but nothing!

Are you sure that you put the SLLS to 0.1? This should remove any problems with modular assets. Are you using static or stationary ligthning? Do you have padding between the UV islands? If not make atleast 4px padding between UV islands. Better just show me screenshots on your uvs and a screenshots on how the lightning is looking now after you baked with SLLS on 0.1.

Yes, the SLLS is at 0.1 - On build quality is medium
I attached here the uv Island of the floor and a screen shot of the corridor.

Hmm, could you post a screenshot on the Lightmap Density viewer (alt-0)? This way we can see for potential lightmaps problems. I think your uv islands are a little bit too close each other, but let me see firs the Lightmap Density. :wink:

Yes of course …


If it’s the shading differences between modular pieces: go with ILLS 0.1 and smoothness 0.6 and they will disappear! /Unreal calculates lighting per mesh…

Hi guys, I’m posting here a new version of the corridor.
I’ve redone it on a new fresh scene and I cut out most of the assets inside.
@Makigirl the first one image has basic lightmass values the second one has the value you have given to me but as you can see the situation is not change
The only thing I noticed is that if I separate just a little the modules I can see that on the first 2 modules the color differences disappears…