SLI doesn't work. Help me please !

Good day ! To work with the engine in a high-resolution display, I bought 2 GTX 1080 ti video cards and combined them into SLI. Unfortunately, the work only got worse. When rotating or moving the camera, friezes appear approximately every 5 seconds. In addition, the video cards are not evenly loaded, and if you expand the viewport to the full screen, only one video card will work in general. What am I doing wrong, maybe there are some settings? Thank.

Its been a few years but I’m fairly sure this still falls in the realms of “expected behaviour”]( Incidentally SLI is a term I haven’t really heard for a long time - it’s not that widely used because it’s applications are pretty limited.

Ultimately the nature of the deferred renderer is that you are often relying on data from the previous frame to render the current one. Because the most common form of SLI is alternate-frame rendering (aka, each GPU rendering a frame sequentially) - you are heavily restricted by each GPU being reliant on data from the other.

So there is no way to fix it?

When using the deferred renderer, probably not. As far as I know though, SLI has been “dead tech” for a few years now.

The editor does not support SLI, but built games can though you have to work with Nvidia to get an SLI profile made, if you end up getting that far.

And how then work in large companies? In video production, several monitors with a sufficiently high resolution are used. Is it possible that all this can be pulled by just one video card?