SLI 970 GTX - VR Direct


I read about the VR Direct (tool?) and that it is ultra fantastic good for the Oculus. I have also read that the GTX 980/970 will work with it, but where is it? Was this just a PR bullsheet or it will be released soon or maybe I have installed it and I don`t even know? What is the VR Direct anyway - a tool, feature? I have two GTX 970 installed on my machine but there is no benefit from it. If the VR Direct will be released in the future, there will be no point to keep two of those cards, but if nVidia plans to ship it soon I will wait for it.

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Is this the thing that reduces the lag, to less than the player notices? (I think it was 50ms, and now it is 25ms, which means that the human brain sees it as instantaneous).

(Although Nvidia are making a big song-and-dance about it, AMD had it in their last-gen cards, but marketing didn’t think enough of it to tell anyone.)

EDIT: Right, this apparently something called Oculus VR’s Software Architect.

I am not positive, but this may be one of the features that will be enabled when they update the drivers. The other features not yet available are DXGI (Voxel Global Illumination) & DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution), both of these also currently do not work on consumer cards, the hardware necessary for it is there, but nvidia says they need a future driver update in order to work.

**EDIT - Quote from Oculus Rift -

I don’t think VR Direct is integrated into UE4 yet.

Also—UE4 does not support SLI, so on your system it’s only using one GTX 970

I know that there is no SLI integration but I hope that they make it soon. I guess that they have integration with UE4 because they showed few days ago the new GTX 980 SLI with Oculus and Eve:Valkyrie. Also in every article about 970/980 there is almost half of it about the new VR speed up magical things etc. nVidia is really proud of it, they are showing bunch of stuff, they talk how ultra turbo good it is and that those cards are dedicated for VR but after release there is none integration with Oculus? WTF? So what`s the point of talking all that stuff when it is not ready for US? By US I mean VR developers to whom those cards are dedicated. They could have at least mention on their pages that there is NO integration and that there is no ETA.

Any developer can add support themselves, so for instance with Valkarie they probably added it on their own even though they’re using UE4. Same deal with the Nvidia VXGI system, they were demoing it in UE4, but it’s something they specifically added themselves. In the case of UE4 itself, the current version has been available since before the Nvidia announcements, so it’s not like they were going to have it integrated anyway. I haven’t heard of anything about it being in the upcoming 4.5 release, it might have been announced to close to the 4.5 release for them to include it. It’s also possible that it’s more complicated to support, especially since they don’t even have SLI support yet.

After watching Nick Whiting and Nick Donaldson’s excellent talk on the carflip demo, and seeing what it takes to optimize a scene for 90 fps on the Crescent Bay (and a single GTX980, I think), it feels like this will be important for VR. Especially for ArchViz VR, because we have less time to optimize per project than game designers, and typically we don’t have to design for a variety of hardware performance levels; we can target a high-end demo system. So I also hope that SLI is integrated soon!

It would be great if game companies that have developed this already could share/sell it somehow. Do developers ever sell technology like that back to Epic, so they don’t have to make it from scratch?

The only company that could sell it is Nvidia, since it’s their technology. But–a bunch of Nvidia Gameworks features are going to be released very soon, if you’re a UE4 subscriber you’ll be able to download a build of UE4 with them integrated for free (this is a separate branch from the main UE4 build). It might include VR Direct at some point.