Sleep when minimized - would be nice

I would like to suggest that the UE4 engine/creator should go to sleep when it’s minimized. Right now the whole time I have it open my CPU is running at 3.something GHz. At rest it throttles down to 800MHz. Sometimes closing the editor isn’t even enough and I need to close the launcher to release it’s grasp on the CPU.

I probably shouldn’t mention competitor products, but I always respected Skyrim because it goes into a serious sleep mode when minimized. Dragon Age Origins does not. So if I’m going to play something where I might be in and out I will choose the one that plays nice in the background.

Since editing a level (what I’m doing) takes a while I would like to leave the editor open in the background while messing with a model in Blender, etc. I also think that the auto-save timer continues to fire when it’s minimized in the background, even though nothing has changed since the last save. It’s not a big deal if the timer fires and just doesn’t do anything if nothing has changed.

Obviously, these aren’t serious flaws and many people probably don’t care, but I’m throwing them out there as things to go into the “would be nice” bucket.

I didn’t find anywhere else to make a suggestion. I wasn’t sure if that belonged on the AnswerHub or not.

How many of you got the pun with “nice”? It’s called “nice” when a process lowers its priority to give up CPU time.

I have moved your thread to Feedback for Epic. 8-}

Hi isopropanol,

Thank you for your request. I have entered a feature request, UE-15504 to be taken into consideration. I did make one alteration in that the feature requests is for an option to put the engine to sleep when minimized, not to automatically do this. My reason is that putting the engine immediately to sleep can be problematic as well. For instance, when compiling shaders or building a level, the developer may want to work on something else or have the editor minimized for their own reasons but want to retain the amount of resources being used so that the build/shader compile finishes. If we were to automatically reduce the amount of power, it could be detrimental to these processes.