Skylight wihout ambient fog


I am developing for VR, and I am looking for the cheapest way to light the scene.

If I put skylight in the scene, it doesn’t do anything unless I put Atmospheric Fog.

I tried to put bunch of static directional lights, but framerate dropped to 44 ms from 89ms when I added the third directional light.

What is the proper way to light the entire scene (no shadows at all)?

Thank you

Use skydome with emissive cubemap.

If you don’t have a sky(skydome image, atmospheric fog, whatever), then your skylight isn’t going to capture anything. You can stick with the Atmospheric Fog, or place a Static Mesh dome with a skybox texture so it’s picked up in the skylight cubemap.

If you never see the sky in your game, you can either use an Ambient Cubemap in Post Process or plug in the cubemap to the Skylight. The cubemap with the skylight works well for baked lighting because you still get the baked occlusion from the Skylight.

And you don’t really need multiple directional lights. Use one for the sun, and place point or spot lights around the scene for additional lights. Depending on how your game works, you can disable the dynamic shadows, but also make sure you bake lighting before you worry about performance.