Skylight problem

Hey guys,
I’m having here a really weird skylight problem, I mean at least it looks like a skylight problem for me.
I’m working on a modular dark hallway scene, the pictures bellow are showing just a small part of thr whole scene. My issue comes down to one specific part “mesh”
of my modular scene, where ever i’m placing this modular part the lighting on the floor is just weird. Deleting the skylight sloves the problem, i have absolut no idea why this specific part is making prolems.
It’s designed the same way like all the other hallway parts in the scene… For some reason the skylight is lighting up the floor of this specific mesh…

With skylight

Wihtout Skylight

Are you sure this is not a stray reflection? In addition to providing lighting the skylight is also used to provide distant reflections in case an area is not covered by local reflection capture actors. That might be what you see on the floor there.

Try switching to the reflections viewmode (and temporarily turn off SSR to focus on the captures) and see if that floor is properly covered by a local reflection actor or if it is picking up the skylight.

It seems not to be a reflection problem, the area is covered proper by a sphere refelection capture, even by deleting the sphere capture the bright floor area is still there, turning off SSR also didn’t helped.
The weird thing is, that the whole mesh is casting everything right except of the floor… Bellow is a picture just from the mesh… The mesh has also open parts to cast any skylight refelction… It’ completley closed like all the other meshes next to it.

Modular Mesh Part