SkyLight not capturing my scene (bug ?)

Hello everyone,

I encounter a problem when trying to add a skylight to any of my level : it doesn’t capture the scene so I do not have any reflection on my materials. The same happens with default levels (fps template, etc.).

I tried two different types of skies, the default one (directional light + sky atmosphere) and a bounding sphere with a two-sided material set as “isSky”. In both cases, the sky light doesn’t complain that there is no sky.

When setting “real time capture” on, the sky light actually captures the scene and I see the cubemap reflections appear for few milliseconds when I’m dragging objects around, but then the reflections turn black again, as you can see on this gif:

Peek 2024-07-09 15-40

I’m a bit of a newbie but I tried the following actions which did not change anything:

  • Build all the lighting
  • Set the skylight to static/stationary/movable (same with the directional light)
  • Changing the intensity scale of the skylight
  • Changing the lower hemisphere color of the sky light → I actually see the reflection appear below, but still no sky reflections

Also, setting a custom cubemap on the sky light instead of capturing the scene works, I see the reflections appear.

I built UE5.2 from sources on my Ubuntu machine.

I suspect this might be a bug coming with UE5 on Ubuntu because my Windows colleagues don’t encounter this problem, but I have no clue.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: